Source code for rtpy.rtpy

# coding: utf-8

# Author: Guillaume Renault
# Author email:
# coding: utf-8

# Copyright (C) 2018 Orange
# This software is distributed under the terms and conditions of the 'Apache-2.0'
# license which can be found in the '' file
# or at ''.

"""Rtpy class definition with it's attributes which is exposed to the end user."""

from copy import deepcopy

from .tools import RtpyBase
from .artifacts_and_storage import RtpyArtifactsAndStorage
from .builds import RtpyBuilds
from .repositories import RtpyRepositories
from .searches import RtpySearches
from .security import RtpySecurity
from .support import RtpySupport
from .system_and_configuration import RtpySystemAndConfiguration

[docs]class Rtpy(RtpyBase): """ Main parent class. Attributes are the classes are the methods categories. Parameters --------- settings: dict The user settings, mandaroty keys are "af_url" and "api_key" or "username" and "password". Attributes ---------- artifacts_and_storage: rtpy.artifacts_and_storage.RtpyArtifactsAndStorage Category for multiple API methods buils: rtpy.builds.RtpyBuilds Category for multiple API methods repositories: rtpy.repositories.RtpyRepositories Category for multiple API methods searches: rtpy.searches.RtpySearches Category for multiple API methods security: Category for multiple API methods support: Category for multiple API methods system_and_configuration: rtpy.system_and_configuration.RtpySystemAndConfiguration Category for multiple API methods settings: dict Previously supplied settings at class instantiation """ def __init__(self, settings): """Object Instantiation.""" settings = deepcopy(settings) self.artifacts_and_storage = RtpyArtifactsAndStorage( settings, "storage/", "[ARTIFACTS & STORAGE] : " ) self.builds = RtpyBuilds(settings, "build/", "[BUILDS] : ") self.repositories = RtpyRepositories( settings, "repositories/", "[REPOSITORIES] : " ) self.searches = RtpySearches(settings, "search/", "[SEARCHES] : ") = RtpySecurity(settings, "security/", "[SECURITY] : ") = RtpySupport(settings, "support/", "[SUPPORT] : ") self.system_and_configuration = RtpySystemAndConfiguration( settings, "system/", "[SYSTEM & CONFIGURATION] : " ) self.settings = settings def __call__(self): """Shortcut to all the system health ping method to verify connectivity.""" return self.system_and_configuration.system_health_ping()